Bellingen & Nambucca Affordable Housing Action Group

About Us

The Bellingen & Nambucca Affordable Housing Action Group came together to explore innovative and practical ways to grow affordable, well-designed homes for people living in our Shires.

We want to share information which encourages community members and relevant agencies to take great ideas forward and turn them into practical actions.

The Group brings together a range of stakeholders including interested community members, local government, home and land owners, developers, planners, architects and designers, potential investors, financial institutions, real estate agents, service providers and other government representatives.

Upcoming Meetings:

Venue: St Margaret’s Anglican Church Hall 100 Hyde St Bellingen.

      • Thursday, 21 June 5pm.
      • Thursday, 26 July 10am – 12pm.
      • Thursday, 23 August 5pm.
      • Thursday, 27 September 10am – 12pm.
      • Thursday, 25 October 5pm.
      • Thursday, 22 November 10am – 12pm.

Link to our Terms of Reference for Bellingen Affordable Housing Action Group

How to get involved or learn more

If you are interested in getting involved or learning more about the Bellingen & Nambucca Affordable Housing Action Group please contact Rose at

Going Forward

Our Members

The action group currently comprises 170 participants and continues to attract volunteer community members. Many of these participants are community members who are employed as housing professionals, including architects, planners and AH researchers. We are also fortunate to number community members who are personally impacted by housing stress, and who are therefore able to inform our action plan with their lived experience.

Our Action Plan

All of this expertise has driven and informed the development of the action plan, which effectively identifies the key action items needed to achieve the group’s objectives. Working groups have been set up for 21 of the 22 actions in the plan. Project milestones and timeframes are now being developed by each self-managing working group. Over 25 people with significant expertise from across the Bellingen and Nambucca shires have volunteered to contribute to this extensive work program.

The action plan reflects the commitment of many community members to working constructively together to develop local solutions to retain our unique, inclusive and vibrant communities as we continue to grow. Current Affordable Housing Action Plan .

Joining a Working Group

We always welcome new people to join one (or more!) of our working groups. We believe that we are stronger when we work collaboratively, share resources and when our local communities drive our initiatives. So, if you are interested in getting involved please contact Rose at


The Bellingen & Nambucca Affordable Housing Action Group commissioned a series of short films to raise awareness about the forum, and to put a human face to the affordable housing crisis in our communities. The Group also wished to initiate a constructive conversation about potential local solutions to the lack of affordable housing in our region. The first two films, produced by Little Story Films, give voice to the issue in the hope that together as a community we can find practical and sustainable solutions.

Film 3- coming soon!
We are currently developing a third film that will look at the community-driven initiatives that are emerging from the action plan. If you would like to contribute to this project please contact us.

Film One:

Film Two:

Resource Hub

  • Affordable housing models
  • Inspiring local examples of affordable housing in action
  • Finance options and models
  • Government policy initiatives

Events and Gatherings

  • Innovative Local Housing Tours
  • Bi-monthly dinner and chat group
  • Guest speakers for Bellingen Nambucca Action Group Meetings