Bellingen & Nambucca Local Solutions Affordable Housing Forum

About the Forum

The Bellingen & Nambucca Local Solutions Affordable Housing Forum 3-4th May 2018 was a hugely successful event organised by the Action Group. The Forum was an initiative of Bellingen Neighbourhood Centre Inc. It brought together key stakeholders and over 150 attendees to find practical solutions that can create more affordable housing options in the Bellingen and Nambucca Shires. The forum aimed to launch a number of working groups to take some of the ideas presented at the forum and turn them into reality.

The forum highlighted the important role that stable, secure, appropriate and affordable housing solutions have in ensuring that our communities continue to be diverse and inclusive. It fostered a better understanding and connections between key stakeholders and encouraged people to develop local solutions together.

It was an exciting opportunity for Bellingen and Nambucca Shire Councils and developers, owners, funding bodies, co-operatives and the community to be part of proactive, innovative solutions that will ensure this region maintains its appeal and community vibrancy while addressing complex issues such as housing supply, demand and affordability.

The Bellingen & Nambucca Affordable Housing Action Group is proud of the work that was put into organising the forum and looks forward to continuing our community-driven work into the future.

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