The BNC Team

At the Bellingen Neighbourhood Centre


Centre Coordinator
May from BNC

In 2009, when I was struggling, I came to the neighbourhood centre for help. The support I received was incredible and it was then when I decided that I want to volunteer here to make a difference in other people life’s too. Originally I am from Switzerland, I have 3 beautiful daughters and live on my hobby farm with my partner. My garden is one of my favourite place to be, but also love doing craft and playing games and I really like to learn new things.


Diane from BNC

I have worked at the Bellingen Neighbourhood Centre since the beginning of 2015.  I volunteer at front desk, Emergency Relief, casual relief as Administration/bookkeeper, Centre Co-ordinator and Centrelink Agency.  I have many new skills and am studying to do Tax Help and Work Development Orders (WDO). I enjoy doing cross-stitch with a range of cards and bookmarks for sale.  The cards are on the front desk with all proceeds going towards the Bellingen Neighbourhood Centre. Everyone on the BNC team is great to work with and I enjoy the friendships and experiences, which come through our doors every day of the week.



I work at the neighbourhood center as an accountant. I am a certified bookkeeper and registered BAS Agent. I’m still trying to bake a perfect opera cake and am a quirky Sagittarian.


Joe from BNC

I started to work here in 2015. I volunteer Tuesday and Friday at the front desk and also offer the computer help on Friday mornings. Helping others gives me a sense of satisfaction and purpose and I gained a lot of knowledge about other services around here.


Liz from BNC

I am a retired Psychologist having worked for thirty years as a Psychologist in a variety of counselling and educational roles in Australia and overseas. I moved from Sydney to Bellingen in 2013. I love this small, vibrant community and am delighted to be able to give back in the form of the voluntary counselling service. I am available for counselling at the BNC on a no fee basis. 


Gabrielle from BNC

I retired with my partner to Bellingen in 2016, escaping the Sydney rat-race. We really lucked in with the town and the community – neither of us had been here before we bought our house. I don’t miss Sydney at all, although I miss my siblings who are still there. I previously worked as a criminal lawyer in both state and federal spheres. I enjoy watching a good game of Test cricket. I started off at the BNC on the front desk, and now look after the WDO program. My workmates on the BNC team are great people, and I really enjoy being able to help the wide range of people who come through the door.


Jethro from BNC

I have volunteered at the neighbourhood centre for a long time now.  Mostly I do emergency relief but also cover the front desk and help with events. I volunteer because I want to give back to the community.


Andrew from BNC

My name is Andrew. I’ve lived in Bellingen for over 25 years. My 3 children were all born in the valley. I’ve had a varied work life. I’ve worked as an iron worker on the Sydney water front, loaded wheat trains, framed pictures, waited on tables, chipped weeds, worked in mines, farms and factories and I wasn’t much good at any of them. I write fairly average poetry, draw moderately amusing cartoons and play very bad blues harp and am an excellent volunteer at The Bellingen Neighborhood Centre. Please don’t be afraid to ask for help.


Sophie from BNC

After several years studying cultures and languages in Sydney and gallivanting around the world, (some of my favorite places include Myanmar and Uzbekistan) I am back in my beautiful little hometown of Bellingen. As part of my efforts to get re-involved in my local community, I have been volunteering at the BNC since February. I am also completing a Dip. Community Services, working in Disability services and tutoring kids. My favorite part about volunteering here is the variety of different things we do and witnessing other people give back to the community.